Who Is Dani Johnson-Secret Scam Or Secret Blessing?


Whether you spell her name right, Dani Johnson or wrong, Dannie Johnson, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion I did after researching her. I will tell you what that conclusion is after I give you a little bit of history and insight into this secret millionaire.


Now for those of you not in the know it’s not that the fact that she’s a millionaire is a secret. She was recently featured on the ABC television show “The Secret Millionaire”. If you’ve seen the show you know the premise. I’ve leads.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/dani-johnson-review.png" alt="" width="160" height="240" />seen the show but I confess I didn’t see the one featuring Dani Johnson.


So let’s get to the question of who is Dani Johnson? She grew up on welfare and Dani was just another pregnant teenager. Or was she? She did get pregnant at just 17 years old and was homeless by the time she was 21 but that’s where the familiarity ends because by her 23rd birthday she was a millionaire.


Now think about your own life for just a minute and then think about that time frame of 2 years. Two years to go from being homeless to being a millionaire. Seems impossible yet she did it. But how did she do it? Well, lucky for you and me she doesn’t keep that a secret.


Most of my reviews are usually about mlm or network marketing companies and the people who become successful in them. Although Dani does have some involvement in them she doesn’t limit her life or her teachings to just that.


Dani Johnson teaches people about the things that are killing a lot of good people and their families in America and the world. She teaches people about debt and the perils it brings to a lot of people. More importantly she shows people how to get out of it. Not everyone is unhappy in their jobs, their chosen career paths and she helps people to advance in that area.


She teaches people how to improve their conventional businesses and she teaches leadership principles. Want to learn about market and profit strategies? Do your relationships need some work? Time management is a problem for most people in just about every vocation. She can teach you about time management as well.


And Dani doesn’t shy away from spiritual issues, in fact, it’s probably safe to say that she bases pretty much everything she does and teaches on a spiritual foundation. Why? Because without a solid foundation nothing you build can last. You may ask yourself “How can this young woman know all these things?”


In my humble opinion I think some people are just gifted and, if you will, chosen to be helpers and teachers to the masses. Dani discovered the secrets that transformed her life and now she spends her life showing others exactly what those secrets are.


You can learn the same secrets to change your life whether it’s to get ahead in your job or career, improve your marriage, increase your income in your network marketing opportunity and just about about any area of life you feel you need improvement in.


Dani Johnson is not a scam or a sham or any of those negative connotations. In fact in this review I think you could say, and you could find out and prove it to yourself, that Dani Johnson is a blessing.


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