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Have you met David Wood? Probably not. Have you seen David Wood? Probably so. Now I want you to" alt="" width="259" height="194" />imagine doing a search for him and having his site come up but…with no words. You’re there for the firsttime and all you see is pictures and video stills of him.
How long does it take you to click off? A minute? A millisecond? (By the way a millisecond is the amount of time from when the light turns green to when the jerk behind you honks his horn.) You probably wouldn’t be there very long is my point. Why? Because if you’re looking for help in your mlm business, he doesn’t look like the guy that can help you.
What if you were in Costa Rica on a well deserved vacation, walking along the beach and all of a sudden you see a tall skinny white guy, arms flailing, screaming…something, running towards the water. You might say “whoah his hair, maybe he stuck his finger in a light socket”.
There’s a pretty girl standing nearby filming his antics. Maybe that’s his nurse. Probably one of those weird movie stars, a spoiled eccentric rich kid. Definitely somebody you want to steer clear of.
Back on his website you’re about to click off when you hear your mother’s voice “now, now you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover”. So you decide to check out one of his videos. It only takes a couple of minutes to realize something’s not right.
You’re positive Boris Badanoff and Natasha have him hooked up to a caffeine iv. He’s talking 90 to nothin’. “Maybe I should call somebody”.
Well that’s enough, for now, of me having fun at David’s expense. If you thought anything except what I’m about to tell you you’d be dead wrong.
To be honest I was a little skeptical when I first ran across him. But this guy has turned out to be one of the most helpful, caring souls I’ve encountered in a long time. Sure he talks fast in his videos but do you know why? He’s excited!
He’s excited about what he’s learned and he’s even more pumped that he gets to pass it along to you. He knows what you don’t know and he wants you to know that if you stick around long enough you’ll know what he knows. (Boy that’s a lot of knowsJ)
David Wood is not some young cat who just happened to be at the right age at the right time to be technically inclined. (In fact he says he’s not technically inclined.) Then just jumped on the internet and started sponsoring people into his primary network marketing program like shooting fish in a barrel.
He has had his ups and downs. He has paid his dues. He knows what he knows because he learned it the hard way. He learned not only what to do but he also learned what not to do. If you only took his advice on what not to do you’d be the better for it.
David Wood has more free help on his blog than some places I’ve seen who were charging for it. And it was less! He has articles and recorded webinars that, if you learn and take to heart just that stuff, you could be successful in your MLM business without spending another dime for training.
If you’re looking for someone you can trust, someone to steer you in the right direction without taking you to the cleaners, that guy is David Wood. I follow his advice. I trust him and so can you.


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