Premier Styles Review-What Is The Truth of That Premier Styles Magazine?


The Premier Designs Firm and their Premium Styles Magazine debuted in 1985. In doing my research I sorted with headings like "Premier Precious jewelry is a scam" and "Why I opted to leave Premier Styles". Are these headings what they look? Is Premier Layouts worth your time, money and effort? Well, that's why I composed this testimonial and that's why you are below, so allow's dive in, shall we?


Premier Designs-History and Management


Premier Designs was founded by Joan and Andy Homer and they are found in Irving, Texas, simply beyond Dallas. It is a Direct Sales Fashion jewelry Business and markets itself with the multi level marketing method. I have looked into and examined firms which claim to base their company on some type of spiritual, do unto others sort of approach, yet not to the degree that Premier Styles does.


Joan and Andy state they made their firm as a way of supporting ministries in The U.S.A and worldwide. They claim likewise that they intended to base Premier Designs on biblical principles like stability and selfless support service. It seems they merely might be doing things the method God likes given that Premier Layouts is now a $350 million debt complimentary business.


Premier Designs-The Products of Premier Layouts Fashion jewelry Catalog

." width="290" height="84" />Premier Designs' representatives are not called distributors. They are called Premier Layouts Jewelers. They market their items through Home Shows or "Social events", if you such as. The Premier Designs Precious jewelry Magazine has over 700 pieces of "stunning, affordably-priced precious jewelry to fit a range of fashion designs" designed to last, they say and all of the fashion jewelry things are covered by exactly what they call their "Golden Guarantee" which specifies that any product could be returned within 60 days for a completely totally free substitute or if its after 60 days they'll bill you a $5 plus tax service fee.


I guess obtaining a refund runs out the inquiry. I'm not accustomed to a bunch of fashion jewelry firm policies so I have to think that the Premier Layouts plan is pretty much the industry criterion.


Premier Designs-The Payment Strategy


As specified previously, as a Premier Layouts Jewelry expert you acquire people to organize a Home Program and the overall sales for the program establish the person hosting' payoff. $100 in retail sales acquires her $30 in free of cost jewelry and certifies her to purchase 4 items at half rate, a $400 event and she gets $120 in cost-free stuff and she gets to acquire 6 points at half cost. She will certainly be able to purchase 8 products at half price and obtain the 30 % of the retail social event total amount for everything totaling $500 and above.


The Premier Styles Jewelers obtain 50 % profit on everything cost the proposed market price. They additionally obtain FIFTY % off >all of the sample jewelry they buy. If you decide to recruit other Premier Designs Jewelers you will get 10% of all of their wholesale totals down 3 levels. Get this, your first level is called your “child”, your second level is your “grandchild” and your third level is your “great grandchild”. Isn’t that just…never mind:)


I would like to take this opportunity to get a pet peeve off my chest. So like it or not, here it is. The majority of people say the word “jewelry” wrong. It is not jewl-ery. It is jew-el-ry. There, I feel better now:)


Hey, this Premier Designs opportunity looks to be on the up and up to me. It does have that air of integrity that they strive for so if you decide to jump on board with these guys or some other mlm you need to be sure you are taking care of THE major challenge in every mlm business. That is the challenge of marketing. Make sure you get hooked up with a proven attraction marketing system.


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32 Responses to “Premier Styles Review-What Is The Truth of That Premier Styles Magazine?”

  1. Dawn R. Mardis Says:

    I knew this and I’m really glad to see it is out there for everyone who has questions regarding this wonderful company. I prayed for an opportunity like this to come my way and God dropped it right in my lap! Thank you for your enlightening review! God Bless You!

  2. Rogerd Says:

    Thanks Dawn, I need all the blessings I can get:)

  3. Jessica M Says:

    I have been a jeweler for over 5 years, and have yet to find a negative about this company! That is exactly why I joined. There are several other MLM businesses that allow their distributors to make their own training videos or cd’s and sell them. I believe that this is where most of them make their money, NOT from the business itself. Premier jewelers are happy to train each other, and share the information for free, via their own websites or youtube. Premier is NOT about selling jewelry, it is about serving others.. jewelry just happens to be our vehicle.

    Also – Returns are welcome but can honestly say I’ve never had a customer want a refund!

  4. Rogerd Says:

    I’m very glad you’re doing well Jessica. Like I said, I think this company is “God approved”:)

  5. Mike R Says:

    This is a GREAT article. My wife and I have been involved with Premier since ’05, and have been overwhelmingly impressed with this company.
    SERVICE is a hurting industry, Premier is keeping it going strong!

  6. Terri K Says:

    Thank you for your perspective!! I actually gave a personal testimony last night at our monthly training which centered around Why Premier is more than just beautiful Jewelry and how Premier has changed my life in 2 1/2 short years. We really are a family, hence the child, grandchild and great grandchild :). Some of the most amazing women in my life are there becuase of Premier. I truly thank God for brining Premier into my life through a Home Show!!

    Having been a part of several other mlm companies I must truly say I have found my home, my career and my future!!

  7. Rogerd Says:

    Glad you liked it Terri. All the best and then some, to you:)

  8. Kasey S Says:

    Great Article! Very accurate. I have been a PD jeweler for 3 years now and am renewing for my 4th year. I truly love what this company stands for and it really does work if you are willing to work. It is great to finally see an unbiased review of a wonderful company who cares for its people.

  9. Rogerd Says:

    Glad you’re doing well with it Kasey. Go all the way to the TOP!:)

  10. Eileen Blackburn Says:

    Thanks so much, Roger, for writing this unbiased, wonderful article about our AMAZING jewelry company, Premier Designs! I guess I’m an “oldie” here, as I have been serving with Premier Designs, and am now in my 14th year! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do! And would you believe after serving 21 years in the Air Force, I said goodbye to those combat boots and a career in electrical engineering and said hello to becoming a Jewelry Lady with Premier Designs?! Sure, there are other jewelry companies out there, HOWEVER, I know in my heart I already have THE BEST JEWELRY company to serve with! And, I love to see the excitement of new jewelers because they will be even more excited as each year passes in their business! May God bless you and those Premir Designs Jewelers who comment here, richly and beyond your imagination! <

  11. Rogerd Says:

    Well, very nice words Eileen, you make me blush;) Glad you liked it and even more glad you’re finding happiness and success in your business. And, as I always say when someone says God bless me, thanks I need all the blessings I can get:) All the best.

  12. Sharon Full Says:

    Thank you for your fair and accurate treatment of Premier Designs. As far as giving money back, I have had one guest request her money back. This jeweler simply gave her the money back. Premier allows exchanges so I simply sent it back for a another piece of jewelry for my table. Keeping a relationship with the guest was the key. I also offered her the opportunity to try anything else in the catalog prior to purchasing to extend service above and beyond.

  13. Rogerd Says:

    That’s good business Sharon. You’ll continue to do well because of it.

  14. Sharon Full Says:

    Thanks much!

  15. Sherri Says:

    Hi Roger,
    I stumbled upon your article when doing some research about Premier. I have been a Jeweler for nearly 3 years and it truly is everything it says it is. I am AMAZED at the company and it’s founder Andy Horner…if you ever have the chance to hear him speak, I encourage you to do so. Thanks for the article…very nice of you.

  16. Rogerd Says:

    Thanks Sherri and you’re welcome:)

  17. Josie Says:

    Hi Roger,

    I am a Premier Consultant and I have been for about 3 yrs now. I love the company but it is kind of ironic that no one talks about the huge $300+ annual fee that we have to pay. I am a college student and I signed up because I believed that this could really help me but now I’m afraid I may have to quit selling because that fee is just too much for my budget.

  18. Rogerd Says:

    Well, Josie, I don’t know how much effort you’ve put into it but your statement is more proof that the old saying “it takes money to make money” is true. Don’t ever, and this is for everyone, listen to the scammers who tell you that you can be rich by next week and it will be easy. It’s not easy. It takes a real investment of both time and money. I hope that later on, when you’re finished with the “distraction” of college, you can build yourself a good residual income which will lead to time and financial freedom. Thanks for stopping by. All the best to you.

  19. Molly Says:

    I’ve been with Premier for 2 years and it has changed my life! Thank you for recognizing what a great company it is that we work for! Your perspective is factual and accurate and I thank you for that.

    After only a year in Premier, I was able to quit my full time job and take my jewelry business full time. The people I’ve met in Premier have already become life-long friends and I never thought that I’d be making this kind of money so soon in life (mid-20s)! The income growth potential in Premier is amazing if you work your business like a business.

    Again, thank you for your perspective! Like someone said earlier, ‘returns’ are welcomed and handled by each individual jeweler rather than the company. This allows us to “keep it personal” with our customers … which is another focus our Founders had for Premier.

    Also, I enjoy our $350 annual renewal fee. It helps motivate us to work hard and it prevents over-saturation in our company like many Direct Sales businesses are experiencing right now!

  20. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Molly, I never get tired of hearing about people’s successes! Glad you’re doing well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Nothing but the best to you:)

  21. Jessica Says:

    Very disappointed in the product I purchased at a recent party. $40 ( before tax/shipping) … Necklace broke as I took it out of the package. Even worse, the beads were strung together w/ two tiny pieces of thread (dental floss would be stronger). Don’t spend money on this junky jewelry!

  22. Dawn R. Mardis Says:

    It is a rare instance however, sometimes these things do happen and that’s why Premier offers a “Golden Guarantee” on manufacturing defects and Premier is proud to stand behind their product quality. Please contact your Jewelry Lady and have her return your necklace for a replacement or refund as soon as possible. She will be pleased to do this for you. Our apologies that this happened to you but I assure you, it is an isolated case. Thanks for letting us know.

  23. Natalie Says:

    Thanks for the great outline of the company! I am honored to be a part of this company and am inspired by the way it is managed and has held firm to the biblical foundations. I love working for a debt-free company!
    I honestly believe that our Hostess Plan keeps us all in business. You only need $100 to call it a “show” or “party.” The hostess earns 30% of the retail sales total in free jewelry of their choice and up to 8 half-price items. Once you hit the party level you get those items half off AND 30% of that out-of-pocket cost goes back to you in free jewelry! PLUS a hostess can earn up to $100 more in free jewelry with the bonuses. I just love that I can soy there are no lists, limitations, or pre-selected items…the free jewelry is OF YOUR CHOICE. Seriously…no other company can compare!
    My encouragement for Josie in regard to the annual renewal fee…
    1. Utilize the savings plan or do it yourself and put $30/month aside
    2. Remember that we don’t pay for any shipping on items we order from the company. The shipping cost on catalogs alone would exceed our renewal fee!
    3. Remember that you get your training, customer service, PD website, shipping, tax services (especially those out of state parties where Premier sends in the sales tax for you)…plus the benefits of no deliveries, no quotas, no territories, and that it covers the overhead costs of those AWESOME Home Office folks!
    It is all worth more than our fee PLUS you make 50% and you don’t wait for a paycheck. There are no other direct sales companies that are so generous to their jewelers and their customers/hostesses.
    I love that this company is about more than just beautiful jewelry…it is about bringing joy to women and enriching lives. We keep it personal and give ladies a night where they feel special!

  24. Lisa Says:

    I went to the jewelry party because a friend hosted it. She was my friend and so I felt obligated to buy the jewelry. The woman presenting the jewelry was extremely pushy and I couldn’t wait to leave. When I finally got my jewelry it looked no where near what a $40 bracelet should look like. It looks like something I could pick up for $5 at Claire’s in the mall. I’m not going to ask for a refund because this is a friend of mine. I just think it’s over priced crap. Also, I do believe in god and if I do or do not like the jewelry doesn’t have anything to do with god’s work. Selling jewelry has nothing to do with god.

  25. Rogerd Says:

    God should be capitalized:)

  26. Darlene Says:

    Dear Lisa, I am so sorry your experience was not completely positive and satisfying.
    You must have ordered from the catalog and not seen the actual Bracelet. It has been my experience that 95% of the time ladies Love the piece even more when they see it in “person”. However occasionaly someone isn’t completely satistied, that is why we have our Golden Guarantee.
    Premier’s Goal is to do whatever it takes to Serve You.
    People are our business Jewelry is just the product we sell.
    By the way Whenever Premier Jewelers sell a piece of Jewelry we are helping fund over 40 ministry outreaches who bring the word of God to people all over the world.

    PlEASE contact your Jeweler or the Company directly and give them the opportunity to Serve You the Premier way.

  27. Debby's Says:

    First of all I too hate it when people say jewel-ery. Yikes.

    I have been doing premier for 21 years. There will always be pieces of jewelry you may not like its the way it is. Your jeweler can exchange anything for you to make you happy is our goal. If your jeweler will not then find one who will. It’s our job to have satisfied customers.

    As far as the $350. If you are working your business that is not a burden. Talk to your upline to get ideas how to make it easy for you to save.

    Premier works if you do.

  28. Rogerd Says:

    It’s impossible to know for sure but it seems there are more people who say it wrong than right:)

  29. Amy Says:

    My daughter signed up two years ago. Although she has not “worked” the business as she says she should, she has thoroughly enjoyed Premier and the products she has sold. Her enthusiasm was so contagious that I have now become her “child” in premier. The company has changed both of our lives. An earlier post stated that there is a hefty sign up fee of $395, which is also due each year on your anniversary date to renew. Premier understands the cost and provides several ways to meet the necessary costs. In my mind though, this cost of $395 is very low compared to some costs I had to pay to remain a nurse. Sometimes costing me as much as $1000.00 a year to renew licenses ($50 every 2 years), certifications (up to $500 per professional certification every 1 to 3 years depending on certification), and meet educational units, as well as travel costs, just to stay in practice. The thing I love most about Premier is that it is a person oriented company. People are always first, not the product. Again, Roger, thank you for posting such positive information about such a positive company. God bless.

  30. Rogerd Says:

    Well, you’re welcome Amy. THANK YOU for stopping by. I hope things continue to
    go well for you. Thanks for the blessings, I need all I can get:) Take care, Roger

  31. Sherry Says:

    Amy, I don’t know where you practice nursing but I’m licencsed in 2 states and my fees are no where near that.

    I absolutely love Premiers Jewelry and have several pieces. I was just about to sign up to be a consultant when I found out about the yearly fee. That changed my mind very quickly, not to mention the start up fees cost a lot more than most MLM companies.

  32. Kathy Says:

    I just recieved my free jewelry from my home show. I absolutely love it. I just want to say to those complaining about theres, if it’s broken or not what you thought it would be, call your jeweler and send it back for something else. Why would you keep something that you do not like just to complain about it?I

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