Polaris Global Review-Not A Fraud, Yet?


Is Polaris Global a scam? The brief and to the point answer is NO! Nonetheless, if you're researching multi level marketing companies since you're considering beginning your own company, you make certain to review this Polaris Global assessment thoroughly. Why? Due to the fact that no matter what your education degree is when it comes to mlm, you could not know or recognize just what this company is really about.

Polaris Global-History and Leadership


Polaris Global opened its doors in 2009, that is, as Polaris Global. The business has actually been around given that 2001 yet back then it was called freedom Organization International. Now some folks assume that when a business, especially an online marketing business, adjustments their name it have to indicate they have actually been doing something not exactly above board. Well, that's almost it.


Polaris Global is run by Rachel Oliver and Shane Krider. Both have similar backgrounds as far as business and success goes however they originate from quite different wallpapers. They're not also from the very same country. They were both quite effective in direct sales and became millionaires before they turned 35.


Polaris Global-The Products


From here through the end of this Polaris Global testimonial you will start to view the distinctions in between Polaris Global Advertising and most of various other network marketing business. This company has just 4 products. Those products are personal development and big ticket occasions. Well, you assume, they sure would need to pump up the volume to produce some acceptable, big time numbers.


Not truly considering that the products they offer range from $1695 to $16,245. Now, while you catch your breath I will tell you that those are the market prices:) I'll offer you the specifics showing up but you do have to provide Polaris Global credit rating for something which is that they are not embarrassed of those rates. It's not like they attempt to reel you in first and afterwards spring the numbers on you. They're right there for all the globe to see on their web site.


The low end, for lack of a better term, product is a 1 Year personal advancement program which is provided in thirds and is called Beyond Freedom Progression. The rest of the products are real-time occasions. The first is a someday occasion called Structure Live in Sydney, Australia for $1695 retail /$1295 wholesale. I'm thinking retail is for people that come to be distributors.


The second occasion is a 3 day gig in Thailand called Sovereign Live for $9,995 retail /$7,995 wholesale and the mattress topper of the mattress toppers is a 5 day thingy in Tahiti for just $16,245 retail /$12,995 wholesale.


Polaris Global-Getting Began and The Settlement Plan


The only method you could obtain star.ted with Polaris Global is through a distributor (which is a good thing) so your first leads.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Polaris-Global-Compensation-Plan.jpg" width="240" height="163" />task is to find one if you’re interested. I don’t have any details on the compensation plan either as the distributor holds all of that knowledge. So here is where it all comes to light.


I’m not going to recommend whether you get involved with Polaris Global or not. What I am going to do is make some truthful statements and you’ll have to judge for yourself. I said up top that Polaris Global is not a scam and that they changed their name around 2009 from Liberty League International.


They went through some accusations resulting in charges of being a pyramid scheme in earlier times and ending up settling in at least one case in Arizona. I also mentioned in the beginning that Polaris Global was unlike the majority of other mlm companies. You’ve probably figured out what that difference is, if you haven’t it’s the high ticket items. That makes this company what is called a Top Tier company. A Top Tier company’s reps don’t depend on residual income like lower priced mlm company reps do. They make all of their money up front.


In a Top Tier company the cost to get started is much higher than a normal mlm company. I don’t believe Top Tier companies are for the majority of people because the cost is just too much.


The Polaris Global company leadership has been linked to Scientology and accused of being a front for Scientology. I don’t know if this is true and I really don’t care.


I am a great believer in self improvement or development, motivation and success. I know a lot about success and motivational principles and the majority of them I learned at the local library.


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56 Responses to “Polaris Global Review-Not A Fraud, Yet?”

  1. David Says:

    Hi Roger, I have bought the Beyond freedom personal development system and I must say that the first dvd left me UNDERWHELMED. I only hope that the new improved version is better. I have already been castigated for a Facebook comment. It was deleted within minutes. Are they ALWAYS watching?

  2. Rogerd Says:

    Hey David, I don’t know but there is one truth about the internet network marketing arena and that is people are afraid of the truth. Afraid to tell it, afraid to hear it. That doesn’t help people. Always tell the truth, there will always be someone who disagrees. Just make sure you’re right. Take care, all the best.

  3. Sillery McGreery Says:

    “The Polaris Global company leadership has been linked to Scientology and accused of being a front for Scientology. I don’t know if this is true and I really don’t care.” ……….
    I think potential recruits to the Polaris business do need to care about the links to the $cientology cult. The products certainly bear many similarities to the type of psycho babble promoted by L.Ron Hubbard’s disciples and considering the Polaris founder’s own admission regarding involvement with the cult, I would suggest they run a mile from any dealings with Polaris.

  4. Deb Says:

    As one of 12 original founding members of LLI, I can say there are both pros and cons of this type of compensation plan…but more pros than cons.

    The personal development aspect is the essential key to building ANY type of business, especially if you’re looking for a sustainable 6- or 7-figure income. I had no idea when I was introduced to LLI or having my own business what personal development even was (and when I was told…I laughed). I don’t laugh at it nowadays simply because I’ve seen the difference it can have both in business and in your personal life.

    I no longer have a stake in this business. I simply wanted to say that if you’re starting a business venture, ask lots of questions, meet the people, compare comp plans…do lots of due dilligence. And when you commit to one, commit at least one year of solid effort (document it so you can’t lie to yourself about how hard you “tried” to make something work).

    ANYONE can build a business…it just takes focus, commitment, and serious effort!

  5. Jack Says:

    I have considered several mlm products over the years and they all fall short.

    A client needs a tangible return for the investment. I have seen personal/professional development seminars work and fail. It really always seemed to boil down the managment’s commitment to follow through.

    Too much of this seems to be snake oil and general lack of leadership from the top of a company. A true leader knows how to inspire their people. Bringing in a Motivational Speaker can help but if your troops are not following you from the beginning, there isn’t much value for a client.

    My background is too specific and technical to allow me to suceed in this kind of business.

    Thank you for the reality check.

  6. Rogerd Says:

    Yea Jack, I think you hit it right on the head. That’s why I always tell people that one of the top 3 things to consider when evaluating/ considering a company is to know who the leaders are. The other 2, of course, are length of time in business and the products. Thanks for stopping by, Roger.

  7. Julie Says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve been approached and am doing my research now. This article has been very useful.

  8. Rogerd Says:

    You’re welcome Julie, good luck. Roger

  9. Daniel Says:

    Cheers for the article Roger, found it helpful.
    Was just curious (if you don’t mind me asking) if you could tell me how much you would need to start up with Polaris?
    For all the start up purchases, contingency money, etc

  10. Rogerd Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong Daniel. so what I would suggest, if you’re really interested, is do a search for “Polaris Global distributor” and see what you can come up with. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Osi Says:

    I like the simplicity of your blog, how can create a blog like this? Thanks in advance

  12. Rogerd Says:

    Hi Osi,
    It’s just a Word Press blog. You can do it too for free.
    There are more instructions here http://networkmarketleads.com/mlm-tools-i-use/
    Thanks for stopping by. All the best, Roger

  13. Linda Says:

    Just approached by PG. Helpful comments by all.

  14. Steve Says:

    Thanks also to all. I have been approached and was in doubt. Not my thing(marketing).

  15. Emily Says:

    I am looking to start with Polaris global but I am a bit unsure can you really make money from this I don’t want to put money into it and get nothing out of it

  16. Rogerd Says:

    Hi Emily,
    I’m sure you can but as with any opportunity, it takes work.

  17. wendy Says:

    This is a great article for anyone like myself who was approached by Global P. for an associates postion. I can see this is probably not the place for me, however I’ve been trying to get into the right mlm business and can’t find what I would feel safe diving into.
    Do you have any thoughts on what would be a safe internet based business or a place I can go to review other mlm opportunities. I understand from reading your ebook that it must be a product topic I feel good with but where do I go to find it??

  18. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Wendy, here’s a site that has reviews and rankings of the top mlm companies: http://mlmrankings.com/top_gainers.asp .
    Have you seen all the reviews I’ve written? A lot of them are on that mlm rankings site above. You can read them here: http://networkmarketleads.com/blog/
    BUT! The most important thing right now is to learn how to be a network marketer, more precisely, an affiliate network marketer.
    Just keep reading the emails I send and learn as much as you can to become the leader people are attracted to.
    I’ll be making an announcement in the very near future about the new mlm company I’ve decided to go with.
    Hope that helps you out:) Take care, Roger

  19. Anup Says:

    a very helpful blog indeed!!!thanks Rogerd…a work from home business sounds interesting….but i’m not that much of a networking type n my influence circle is not even a handful…so i guess mlm will probably not work for me…thanks again for the heads up :D

  20. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Anup, MLM success is not built on your friends and family. Go read this article which will give you a better idea of how it’s done:

  21. MarianH Says:

    Just given an introduction call and starting to do my research, I don’t want to do party plan, not 100% sure about mlm – but am interested to find out which you have gone with and more importantly WHY.

    Thanks for the info

  22. Rogerd Says:

    Hi Marian,
    Don’t just jump into MLM. Although I believe in it 100%,
    I believe it’s more important to be educated first. The internet
    business model is so much better than old school mlm. If you’ve been
    around a while you know how bad that can be. Did I show you this:
    http://bit.ly/STParf (free). It’s very enlightening. Take a look at that.
    Hope it gets you on the right track. Thanks for stopping by, all the best, Roger

  23. Jacqui Robinson Says:

    Let me start off by saying that I have not made a cent online and that I am a Polaris Distributor of 4 months now.

    I was able to start for less than $100, which was not my ideal start but allowed me to start nonetheless. This cost is charged monthly to my credit card and I can cancel any time without consequence.

    When I signed up, I got one-on-one mentorship from an established distributor from my own country (who HAS made some money from this BTW) whom I trust and continue to look to for guidance, great social media training which I was completely new at, and support from all levels.

    Yes, part of the business is signing up others who will form part of your sales team. However, that is not all there is to this business.

    My focus and passion are in marketing the products themselves, in particular, the award winning university accredited personal development course Beyond Freedom Evolution. If you can sell a few of these, not only are you providing a great service, but you have the opportunity to earn a great income.

    Lets not forget, this is a business so you need to work at this! So if the mlm thing scares you, at the very least, know that you have a great product to market that is life changing for both buyer, and seller.

    To date my marketing has been all free social media methods that I have learned as part of my monthly fees ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and this has helped build my “brand”. The next step for me in this business, as in all business, is to get some paid advertising organised.

    I understand the doubt, trust me, I’ve been there! But after 3 years searching for a product I like, with the potential to earn, and support provided, this has been the best I have come across so far. I am happy to post my progress as I know, the proof is in the pudding right? One thing I will not do – give up! Good luck everyone!

  24. Rogerd Says:

    Well Jacqui, you’ve got the right attitude. I wish you nothing but the best in 2013 and beyond. Talk to you later, Roger

  25. Rhonda Lawson Says:

    Hi Jacqui,
    I found your post very helpful as I am investigating Polaris – I answered an ad. i have been doing some research to find out more about the company and if it looks like something that will fit with me. I have been in MLM before with some degree of success and would love to have an at home business. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  26. Aussie 2-DR post Says:

    Hello, 4 months without a cent just wouldn’t cut it in my eyes. Responsiblities of day to day life are just too demanding. Maybe 80-90hr I will still have to cope with.

  27. Jacqueline Says:

    Agree Aussie, which is why I work on my business after I finish my full time job during the day. Polaris don’t encourage you to quit your job, in fact my mentor made a point of ensuring I held on to my employment, because it would take time to build a presence online using the free marketing techniques they teach you. Some reportedly have made sales within a short time, which is entirely possible online. We all know these things take time, but perseverance and constantly improving I believe is the key. Rome wasnt built in a day after all. Good luck to you!

  28. Rhonda Lawson Says:

    Good on you Jacqui. Keep us posted on your success. As for me I am still sitting on the fence. I would love to hear your comments on the product – Beyond freedom Eveloution and what we get for our 2,500 – is the value there.
    Thank you for your comments.

  29. ron Says:

    I am considering to join Polaris just stared my research will keep you all posted.

  30. Rogerd Says:

    Good luck Ron:)

  31. Euan Says:

    Great blog – I am new to this and doing some research. Why isn’t Polaris on the mlm ranking website?

  32. Ritz Says:

    I’ve been approached too after answering an ad. I enjoyed reading yr blog. Encouraging I must say. outlays are a bit scary, as I’m a stay at home mum looking to make some money from home. Any other mums out there ?

  33. Sarah Says:

    I have been looking into Polaris Global. Thank you for this site. I am interested but as everyone else also hesitant. I need something that will create returns. We just bought a house and I have not returned to work since my son was born.

  34. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Sarah, thanks for stopping by and you’re welcome:) You’ve already read my views on the company.
    I can recommend a company to look in to which is along the lines of Polaris but, I think, better.
    Of course, full disclosure, I’m involved with them. To get the info just go to one of my other sites
    and opt in here: http://rogerdblackwell.com

    No obligation, you’ll get a couple of gifts and you can unsubscribe any time you like.
    Talk to you later,

  35. Michael Says:

    Hello out there.

    I ran across this blog and found it very readable and so I thought I would just place my input.

    A little history about me. I have been in more MLM’s and even a few scams than I care to shake a stick out.

    I have read more self help books and even built a website on how to profile your personality to be a better person.

    Now while I’m not a expert in these things I can say I have been around.

    I know that MLM as a whole is not for everyone but the basic principals it teaches are outstanding.

    My wife asked me to look over the Polaris opportunity as she saw a ad for it on face book.

    She saw the video and became interested.

    I watched it and said. I’m not interested in joining another MLM as I have two other websites I’m trying to develop. However I encouraged her to look deeper.

    My wife as a whole is a very shy person so for her to look twice at a MLM I thought what a great thing.. I hope it works.

    It’s been just over a week now since she decided to invest the money and be a distributor.

    And I must say her upline has been fantastic.

    The training system they have provided to her has gotten her to jump start her life in a way I have been trying to get her to do for years.

    I’m more impressed then I will share here. Whether or not we make $1 or $1,000,000 I don’t care.

    She has become a better person and for that I will always be thankful.

  36. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Michael, thanks for the comments and the compliment. That is great news
    about your wife. She sounds a lot like mine. My wife is a reader but prefers
    fiction to self help or biographies. So I don’t even bother anymore. It works
    just the way it is and that’s fine with me. All the best to you and your family. Roger

  37. Melissa Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for all your comments. I have recently had a discussion with PG and they have made everything sound so wonderful. When I read the material it seemed too good to be true. You can sign up and get started for under $50. I was very excited and all ready to go when they put me on a three way call with the distributors up-line and she proceeded to tell me I had to sign up for at least the M1 packet @ around $2800.00NZD. I said I don’t have that money and her whole tone changed to stern and she said that I am only legally beholden to the $49.99 sign up fee but no one makes any money doing it that way. I asked her if I could sign up for $49.99 and then have my up-line help to sell my first few products and then take the M1 course and pay the $2800 once I have it. She told me that wouldn’t work and if I wanted it bad enough I would find the money. Then she wished me well and hung up. I felt dejected! I was so excited to get going. I have been trying to raise the money to do the M1 course but now I have mixed feelings. I have been looking for a way to make extra income for so long. So many of the MLM’s I come across are dodgy or just complicated. Thank you for this information. I am going to read the articles you referenced and do some more research.

  38. Michael Says:

    If I might respond to Melissa’s post I would like to say that It’s very unfortunate that the person she was speaking to wasn’t what she expected.

    As my wife is new to the business she would be happy to tell her story and help her in any way she can.

    If she would like to contact her directly I am happy to share her personal email to talk to her directly.

    Kind Regards’


  39. Rhonda Lawson Says:

    Hi Micheal, I posted back in January. Still interested in Polaris but still looking at other opportunities. I would love to have a chat to your wife if the opportunity to do so is available.
    Thank you

  40. Melissa Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I would love to chat with your wife.

    Thank you

  41. Michael Says:

    Hi Mellisa, and Rhonda and anyone else that would like more information.

    There are two options to reach My Wife Karen.

    1. You can email her directly at kazzle1969@yahoo.com

    2. http://www.lifeisfinancialfreedom.com

    She will be happy to interview anyone who is interested.

    Thanks again for allowing me to post this information.

  42. Kel Says:

    I am looking into Polaris Global will keep you guys updated.

  43. Valerie Maresca Says:

    Hi Roger,
    I have just found your blog for the first time. I do not have a long history in network marketing, but am looking to it to replace the investments I lost as a real estate investor when the bubble burst a few years ago. I have looked at a few of the Solaris videos and find them very inspiring, but the initial start up is not something I am interested in at this point in time.
    I was wondering what your thoughts are on iWowWe? (now ranked 8th on the popularity chart linked to your site) I have been involved with them since shortly after they launched their affiliate program in early 2011. I believe what you say about looking at the leadership of a company is so important. See the heart of what Bill is doing with WowWe at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSDVxGfNgVs. This is a very crude recording I took from my seat at the first Pace Setter event in Jan 2012. Bill is determined to pay out the highest comp plan in the industry and I have watched him change it repeatedly until he has accomplished this with the latest rollout of the infinity Dual team comp plan. I’m not a networker and comp plans make my head spin and turn to fog. So I’d love it if you could give your opinion of it.
    Anyone wanting more info can contact me at vmaresca@gmail.com. I look forward to your comments.

  44. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Valerie, yeah I haven’t reviewed them yet but maybe I will soon. Right now I don’t have an opinion on it. THE most important thing is to market to the right people. The company, as long as they’ve shown a little stability and have good leadership, almost doesn’t matter. All the best:)

  45. Valerie Maresca Says:

    Yeah, I definitely believe that to be true. I have spent a good bit of time marketing to the wrong people.WowWe’s tools are very useful for business and the platform that has been released ayt the beginning of te year will be available on a mobile platform soon. Who would you say are the right people and how do you market? I have to spend some more time on your site tto see what all you have available as guidance with marketing. The good thing about WowWe is that it can be used to market anything that people are currently doing as video email, (the free component of the system)is very effective to put your message, your voice and show your products in video and deliver it to your audience. Great for networkers but I don’t many of them. Thanks for your input.

  46. Sarah Says:

    Very interesting discussion. I too am a Polaris Distributor & have been for a couple of months now. I use BFE every single day & it has really assisted in changing my thoughts & beliefs.

    As with anything, it needs to be done consistently to create positive results. The same is with the business. It does take time to build up, but with consistent effort it is absolutely possible. You can’t build a traditional business overnight. It takes constant time & dedication. Polaris is absolutely no different.

  47. Rogerd Says:

    Very true Sarah:)

  48. amy Says:

    Hey everyone, was doing some extra research on GP and its distributors and how they advertise themselves since upon joining with them my partner and i have discovered that the teach/encourage you not to market beyond freedom evolution products or reveal the company name while marketing yourself as the possible buyer may not remember us and may buy or sign up direct from the company and i see the logic in that but i’m now finding it harder to market our business and products since i’m not supposed to reveal the actual branding or name until i have the lead in front of the information that’s provided to us by PG. So that’s my dilemma at the moment lol. i’d like to say that 1 i found this blog and all the posts helpful. im disappointed to learn that one of our distributors could be so rude in her treatment of a prospect. id like to say that there is always a way since we were/are in the same boat as melissa was but luckily our up-line has been very supportive though we personally have taken control of most of our own training using the services provided and have only needed to be pointed in the right direction every so often. i will admit we are super fresh and have not yet made a profit and yes the investment total has increased from what it originally was being the $50 monthly membership paid to polaris but as i’ve heard many successful people say without risk there is no gain. i believe this whole heartedly and being a stay at home mum with a partner who would work 60+ hrs a week we decided that this fit us and we could make a quite profitable business. I’ve had some experience with other opportunities and still intend on returning to my party planning business which i took time from after having our second child. i’d love to hear more from you all about your journeys with your PG research or mlm research and personal journey as a whole.
    anyone interested in polaris and the beyond freedom products are more than welcome to contact us. you can find us @ anyone of these links:
    http://www.facebook.com/amy.griffin.5283 , http://successsolutionsgroup.com/pages/us/2758/ , http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=255052422&trk=tab_pro or email us at havingbetterchoices@gmail.com

    amy griffin

  49. Rosie Says:

    Hi There,
    I am considering Polaris.. I have had some successes with other MLM’s over the years. However I am told by them that there are two ways to join one is for $103 per month or of course to get the Beyond development course = $1587
    It all sounds fine if you have that kind of money to start. I like the plan and the product but unfortunately this is way outside my reach. Do you know of any MLM company that provides similar products and a reachable distributor fee?

  50. Rogerd Says:

    Rosie and Amy, I’m glad you guys decided to ask questions before jumping
    in to and/or getting too far along in a a high
    tier company. It sounds like you both need a little more education. Here is a free
    download that should shine a light on some things for you. Don’t feel alone, MOST
    people looking for opportunity online need more education. Take a look at this
    http://bit.ly/169PsD4 and let me know what you think. Take care, Roger

  51. Alys Says:

    Hi, I have just been directed to Polaris Global and decided to check what was being said about them before even investing time, let alone any money. I currently work full time and have 3 kids. I would rather be at home with them, working while they are at school or asleep than trudging away at the old 9-5.I don’t have much spare cash to invest in anything on a regular basis but I have time and enthusiasm and I am always looking for more information. I have sent my email to your other site Rogerd and will be avidly reading with interest. Thank you for the time you have spent putting together this blog and answering all the comments.

  52. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Alys, (Cool spelling of your name btw:) Just take your time and learn.
    There’s lots of things you can do with no or little money, it just takes
    a little longer to get where you want to go. Just don’t jump into anything
    too quickly without getting educated first. If you don’t have your own site
    yet I’d like to give you a couple of gifts called “Affiliate Blogging Secrets”
    and “No Cost Income Stream”.
    Just go through them both, you’ll learn a lot. Take care, Roger
    http://bit.ly/TpVfxB Affiliate Blogging Secrets
    http://bit.ly/WpxVOD No Cost Income Stream

    PS The above pages are the same pages that people who buy these products are sent to
    And they will say “Thanks for your purchase” but you haven’t been charged for anything.
    They’re gifts so just go through them one by one and learn so that you can earn:)

  53. Fred Says:

    Hi Roger, have been approached by an associate for Polaris and whilst I am into Personal Development, I am not interested in parting with that kind of money when you can get a lot of PD for free if you just look and ask. However I am looking for a home based business to get into and have just had a look at the one you mentioned (Internet Marketing Revolution) how is it going? Can you give some feedback?


  54. Rogerd Says:

    Hey Fred, thanks for stopping by. The program you’re referring to is My Top Tier Business, a subsidiary if you will, of My Online Business Empire. It is my # 1 affiliate income. Once you start getting $1K (minimum) commissions you get kinda spoiled and although you (we) should never look down on $30, $40 or $50 commissions, they seem pretty insignificant after getting the bigger ones.
    This is not meant to persuade you in any way, it’s just the truth. You can get an insider’s look here http://bit.ly/1batjp9 .
    Whatever you end up doing, I wish you all the best. Take care, Roger

  55. Nikki Says:

    Hi Roger, I have also been approached by PG and the reviews here have been helpful as I am sceptical and it sounds ‘too good to be true’ but I am willing to work for something that I will benefit from. I will continue to a little more research before making a decision to join.

  56. Rogerd Says:

    Yeah Nikki, due diligence is ALWAYS good:) All the best to you.

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