Nussentials Review-How Stable Is Stabilized Rice Bran?


Nussentials is different! Nussentials is better than all those run of the mill nutrition mlm companies! My words?" alt="" width="240" height="180" />Hardly. If you know me and my reviews you know darn well those aren’t my words. Those are, of course, the words of the company. Surprise, surprise. Let’s check these guys out and see if they’re worth your while, let’s go.


Nussentials-History and Leadership


Phil Mims is the President AND Director of Nussentials. Here we go with another one of those guys who’s not satisfied with one title:) Mr Mims, I must say, does have quite an impressive and successful background.


One thing that you like to see when you’re considering a company as a distributor is that the guy in charge has an “up through the ranks” background. He’s been involved with several mlm companies as a distributor selling everything from telecommunication to water filters.


After having built downlines of several hundred thousand and even starting a bed and breakfast business in Colorado he decided he wanted to “give back” for all that had been given to him.


He did that by starting Nussentials in Houston in 2006. His goal is to feed a million hungry kids a year while helping regular everyday people to have an opportunity to improve their lot in life. Not bad goals eh?


Nussentials-The Products


As usual this is where Nussentials and every other nutrition based mlm makes their “different and better!” claims. I’m not a scientist and I don’t test every product that’s out there but I do review a lot of companies and they all claim to be the best and different yadda, yadda, yadda.


Nussentials accuses all of the other nutrition mlm companies of re-formulating the same old basic products and then claiming to have something new. On their website they say “vitamin C is vitamin C no matter how you package it”.


Nussentials says their neutraceutical products are different because they are based on whole foods, mainly stabilized rice bran, not simple synthetic vitamins. They say that rice is one of the most eaten foods on the planet, but that 65% of the nutrients are in the rice bran which is the outer layer of the kernel. That part though is thrown away and always has been as the outer part has a very short shelf life.


A shelf life of just hours because an enzyme contained in it caused it to become rancid very quickly. But now, Nussentials says, there has been a breakthrough in “advanced extrusion technology” which gives stabilized rice bran a new shelf life of up to 3 years.


Nussentials-Getting Started and The Compensation Plan


To become an MR, or Marketing Representative, you pay a $95 registration fee and you have the option of buying a PWP, or Personal Web Page, for an initial cost of $15 and then monthly at $19.95. As an MR you are eligible for Quick Start Bonuses, Field Organization Bonuses, Leadership Building Bonuses, Product Commissions and Product Sales Bonuses.


For the ever-present few who always have the question of “Is Nussentials a scam?” Sorry to disappoint you but, NO!


You can fail with Nussentials just as easily as you can with any other mlm company. Or you can choose to succeed with the mlm company of your choice by knowing how to market it. You MUST get connected to a proven attraction marketing system.


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