LifeVantage Review-The Truth of the Protandim Scam


Lifevantage was founded in 2003 and has corporate offices in both South Jordan, Utah and San Diego, Ca. Neither one of the two top guys’ biographies shows ANY experience in the mlm industry. There’s a major difference in the normal business practices and in the mlm business practices as many failed newbie executives to the mlm industry can tell you.
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The President and CEO of Lifevantage is Douglas C. Robinson who has about 25 years in the health care industry. David Brown is the President and is also a veteran of the health care industry as a lawyer, President and CEO. The mlm experience comes into view in the likes of COO Kirby Zenger with about 10 years experience and Ryan Thompson, the Senior Vice-President of sales.


The Lifevantage leadership team looks to be of unmatched, outstanding integrity. I am sure their goals and aspirations for Lifevantage are nothing but top notch. They have, so far, been in business for about 8 years which puts them past the time when most new, inexperienced companies go down in flames. So hopefully, for their sake they’ve got clear skies ahead.


Lifevantage-The Products-Protandim and True Science


The Lifevantage product line, so far, consists of 2 products. Their flagship product is Protandim which works by sparking the creation of enzymes that each one can, allegedly, erase more than a million free radicals per second without getting used up.


These free radicals are the deelyboppers that cause oxidative stress resulting in the aging process. By Protandim eliminating these free radicals at that pace, it reduces that oxidative stress by 40%. The result, again allegedly, is the deceleration of the aging process to that of a 20 year old.


The other Lifevantage product is called True Science. True Science is meant to complement Protandim. While Protandim is working on your insides the True Science anti-aging cream is working on the outside battling fine lines and wrinkles. Can’t you already just see those old raggedy fine lines and wrinkles floating off to that desert home in the sky:)?


Lifevantage-Getting Started and The Compensation Plan


One thing that I always check and sometimes mention, as now, is whether or not a company will let you buy products or sign on as a distributor on the company website. That is, without the benefit of credit to one of their currently active distributors. Happily Lifevantage makes sure you sign up or buy with a rep id number.


In getting started from lowest to highest options you can start off at the $50 entry level with a Starter Pack, a Basic Business Pack for $500 or the big time Professional Business Pack for $1000.


Obviously if you plan to build a business you’ll want to make sure you stay eligible to earn commissions. You can do that in an mlm company, including Lifevantage, by signing on for the autoship program. The minimum with Lifevantage is $100 a month which makes you eligible for some commissions or $200 a month and you’re rigged up for all of the commissions.


If your interest in Lifevantage goes beyond this Lifevantage review you can contact one of their reps or call the company and they’ll fix you up with one. The problem is you are not going to be successful with Lifevantage! That is unless you get hooked up with a proven attraction marketing system. Bugging your family and friends is NOT going to make you a success in and of itself.


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