Is The Global Information Network Another Kevin Trudeau Scam?

kevin trudeauMy very first thought was, if I was going to start a network marketing company, I wouldn’t let Kevin Trudeau get involved. Then I find that he is one of the founders of the Global Information Network! OMG!, not the new one that means Obama Must Go, but the original. I had to find out what this is all about and so do you.

G.I.N.-History and Leadership


If you are a reader of my mlm reviews you know that I tell you one of the most important things to find out about an mlm company, especially the newer they are, is who the leaders are. Have you ever heard of Kevin Trudeau? If not, you need to keep reading, especially if you’re thinking of getting involved with Global Information Network.


Kevin Trudeau has been doing late night infomercials seemingly forever. I have been around and interested in money making business ideas for quite some time so I get myself exposed to him quite a bit. Every time I see this guy’s face, I think, crook. I would not buy water from this guy in the desert.


I love the types of products the Global Information Network has like self development, motivation and learning about wealth creation. But if I was thinking about joining this company and found that Kevin Trudeau was involved, my research would end right there. That is how little I think of this guy.


The Global Information Network Scam?" width="386" height="131" />Well, let’s see if we can answer that question by looking at the facts. First of all, it’s not a scam in the sense that they take your money and run (I don’t think). But there are other ways in which a company does business which some people consider a scam.


You can join this company free as an affiliate. You don’t get much, just some training materials, which is understandable. There are 12 levels in G.I.N. that you can get to. To get into the first level it will cost you $1500. You can make payments of $100 a month plus the monthly membership fee of $150.


If you’re able to pay up front you can get a $500 discount and just pay a $1000 and the ongoing $150 a month. I don’t know what you get for that money. All they say on the website is that you get access to membership level 1 sections of the GIN website.


I would be willing to bet that you could probably get the majority of the things that the Global Information Network teaches at your local library for free.


Kevin Trudeau and His Main Squeeze, The FTC


Squeeze in this context is not a good thing. It would be a shorter list if I listed the products from Kevin Trudeau that were not contested by the FTC. I really do not know or understand how this guy gets anyone to buy anything from him with the record that he has. I mean, what is wrong with people? What does it take?


Let me say this; I am no fan of big government and I think they, the FTC included, sometimes stick their noses in where they don’t belong. But it doesn’t take much evidence for me to be skeptical of someone or some business.


Here are a few of the run ins that our boy Kevin has had with the FTC: in 1998 he was accused of making false claims for a hair growth product, in 2003 it was false health claims for coral calcium, in the same year he was touting Biotape for pain relief. He reached a settlement with the FTC for $2 million and was ordered by the court to not do any infomercials except for books. Can you guess what his next infomercial was about?


You got it, a book called “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About”. This guy never quits. There have been lots of people and mlm companies who have run afoul of the FTC or the FDA but it was usually a one time deal and they adjusted and got on the straight and narrow. Not this guy.


I would have to write a whole book to tell you about all of the exploits of Kevin Trudeau as they are many. Whether or not Global Information Network is a scam, I don’t know. The one thing that I do know is I wouldn’t go anywhere near anything Kevin Trudeau touches.

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5 Responses to “Is The Global Information Network Another Kevin Trudeau Scam?”

  1. Fabien Says:

    Many thanks Roger, you echoed feelings I originally had. You just confirmed them. I became aware of GIN this morning on Youtube with a interview of the “un”funny man Jim Carey on the Ellen Degeneres. This guy makes me cringe! Now they have found a way of marketing something that is already freely available doesn’t surprise me! At the end of the day, there is nothing remotely altruistic about this scheme. First and foremost, lining their own pocket from millions of sheep out there is the most important factor. When you look at the work of great Saints like Saint Francis or the Buddha, they never said, pay your membership fee and I’ll give you Truth. You will become the elite in my super exclusive club! Thanks for your invaluable article!

  2. Rogerd Says:

    Yes and it never ceases to amaze me who and what people will follow when there are many legitimate mentors and opportunities to be had. Oh well, what ya gonna do, right? Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Mark Says:

    I have bought several of his products and books. I see nothing wrong with any of them from his Mega Memory and Mega Math. He’s Debt and Natural cures books are good. I have studied alternative medicine most of my life when I had to because what doctors recommended didn’t work.

    As far as information being freely available. So what? All books have information taken from other sources that’s why they have bibliographies.

    When a person says what a rip off I can get that info for free online to a $30 book. I know they are idiots. Why? I have written several books. It take hundreds of hours to put a quality book together and do the research. If you think you time is not worth $30 to cut out that research you are either really poor or ignorant.

    As far as GIN I have heard their audio series it was given to me by a friend in GIN. It was awesome! But honestly I knew most of it already.

    My friend says he has doubled his income since being in GIN and seems very happy with it. As far as me I have no plans to join.

    I know one thing what Kevin says in audio programs I heard is true. Why? It works and because he proves it no matter how much he is attacked he always comes out of it on top and he has sold close to one billion in products.

  4. Rogerd Says:

    Hey man, it’s not easy being an idiot:)

  5. Ben Says:

    Mark, you are wright,there is a lot of truth in his books, the your wish is your command 14 Cd pack is great as well.
    Roger you mention this guy never quiet, that’s a good point, because a quieter is a loser. I think we should look at our own mistakes. thank for understanding.

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