Amega Global: Wand the World or Con the World?


Amega Global and their flagship, Wand the World, product raised my skeptic antenna faster than just about any company or product that I’ve reviewed to date. Who doesn’t picture a cartoon with someone running around with the proverbial magic wand?


Amega Global was formed in 2006 by principles of three separate companies, a personal development firm, a" alt="" width="256" height="192" />wellness product manufacturer and an investment company. The company's mission statement is: "To open the door of opportunity for people to create an improved way of life through a wellness concept to live life’s desire."


Now I believe that I’m about as open-minded as anyone, or at least try to be, when it comes to healing powers of the world and the universe. I especially believe that the East has a leg up on the West when it comes to knowledge of natural medicines and the like. I mean we’ve only been around for a few hundred years and they’ve been at it for thousands. Just makes sense, right?


Amega Global’s motto is “Wand the World” and that wand thing is their main product but it’s not the only product they have. They have those bracelets you’ve probably seen or heard about that use “ancient magnetic therapy” to heal your ailments and to just make you feel better overall.


Hey they even offer food products. Things like energy powders you can use to make shakes which, they say, use energies, magnetic fields and zero point energy which induce various effects such as energy, better nutrition, healing and get this…prevention of cosmetic aging. I started to look that one up and decided nah I don’t need to know.


Amega Global is based in Irvine, California. Surprised? Now I know I’m starting to sound a bit skeptical but I’m not as skeptical as I may sound. I’ll sum that up shortly. The company is run by an Englishman named Eric Banks who is no slouch. He has a list of accomplishments longer than your arm. Arun Kemer is the CEO and is a former personal development guru who’s worked with some industry giants.


So the management team seems to be very stable and very ambitious.


Now why would a company with unusual products have just a normal run-of-the-mill pay plan? They wouldn’t. Amega has what they call a hybrid compensation plan which is described as “fast referral income through the binary system and residual income through the Unilevel system”.


I’m going to give you an overall look at the comp plan which is similar to a lot of plans. There are, as stated on their literature, 8 ways to make money in Amega. Here they are generally:


  1. Retail Profit
  2. Preferred Customers-Which is if you don’t want to be a business associate you can agree to a monthly autoship and pay wholesale prices rather than retail.
  3. Fast Start Bonus: 10%
  4. Team Binary Commissions
  5. Team Generation Bonus
  6. Mega Matching Bonus
  7. Leadership Bonus Pools
  8. Builders Pool


I think Amega Global has some pretty cool products. Didn’t expect me to say that did you? But I do. Like I said earlier the Eastern part of the world is way ahead of us (The West), or I think a better way of saying it, has a lot more experience than we do when it comes to utilizing the God-given tools we have right in front of us. I have a confession to make too. I seriously considered joining this company.


If you’ve read any of my other reviews you may know that it’s not that I’m skeptical of natural products. I’m skeptical of the skepticism. I just don’t want to have to deal with people’s so-called “reasons” for not getting involved with something with me. Those types of companies provide plenty of excuses for people who just like to make excuses.


They don’t BELIEVE in anything. You are going to have a very hard time in doing anything in this life, especially the network marketing business, if you don’t have any belief.


You’ve heard the saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”? If you want to be successful in anything, especially mlm, you’d better change that to “You’ll see it when you believe it”.

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